Frequently Asked Questions

How will weather affect my control system and BBQ'ing?

Traditionally, without our temperature control devices, it is especially difficult to control your smoker's temperature when there are fluctuations in the weather. Another great reason to get a BBQ Guru Control is the fact is that it can automatically adjust to maintain temperature even though there are changes in humidity, precipitation, or outside temperature.

Cold Weather:
Our controls can handle the cold! Cold dry weather will have little or no ill effect on the controls. If you are cooking in sub-zero temperatures, like some of our customers, the display may run a little slow but the electronics in the control can withstand the cold weather and will keep on running.

Wet Weather:
If you plan on cooking in the rain or wet snow, you can still do it, but we highly recommend covering the control box with a zip lock bag or cook under a covered area. The BBQ Guru controls are electronics and while they are weather resistant, they are not waterproof. There is a small chance water can get inside the ports for the backs in which case the electronic board could stop working, so just make sure to be careful with direct exposure to water. Humidity by itself should not have an adverse reaction on the control.

Hot Weather:
Although it's very rare, when cooking in extreme hot weather, while having the control in close proximity to a hot cooker in the direct sunlight, the control can overheat. If you are cooking in this situation, we recommend keeping your control in the shade. You can check your control box by touching; if it is hot to the touch, move it to a cooler location.