Frequently Asked Questions

How are the BBQ Guru controls powered?

Our control kits include a power supply that converts 12V DC power to 110/240V AC power for worldwide use that can be plugged into an ordinary weatherproof household outlet or extension cord. The power supply assembly consists of two parts: the power pack and the cord. When plugging the cord into the pack, ensure that the pins are properly aligned before pushing together and then tightening the screw cap. If your power cord gets cut or nicked, be sure to replace it right away with a new 12V 3.5A Power Pack Supply.

Going Portable:

12V Vehicle Adaptor Cord: This 12V DC adaptor cord can be plugged into the cigarette lighter or 12V DC port on a car, ATV or portable jump starter pack for example. It is 6’ in length, so for the most portable option, we recommend a basic jump starter pack which will typically last for an entire weekend of cooking on a full charge.

12V Vehicle Socket Adaptor Cord: This cord is used in conjunction with the 12V Vehicle Adaptor Cord and features heavy duty jumper clips to be able to power a BBQ Guru control from a car, marine, or other battery.

12V DC Battery Jumper Cord: This cord is best for tailgating or camping due to its smaller clips that connect directly to 12V battery terminals. It also comes with a 6” jumper cord, which allows you to power the control off of two 6V lantern batteries.