Frequently Asked Questions

What fan/blower size should I get?

For our DynaQ, UltraQ, and DigiQ DX3 controls, you can pick out the fan that best suits your cooker, grill, or smoker.
Our fans currently come in two sizes:

The Pit Viper is a medium-sized fan that works well with Kettles, Bullet Smokers, Ceramic Grills, and more.

The Pit Bull is a large-sized fan that can be used with large cookers where you need a larger oxygen airflow onto the charcoal to maintain temperature.

Both fans are equipped with aluminum nozzles with heat dissipaters and adjustable dampers. The built-in damper allows even more precise control over your cooks. With the damper, these are especially great for people who have multiple cookers of different sizes. Fully open, you can run a large vertical smoker or extra large ceramic grill. Throttle the damper down for kettles, bullets, and smaller ceramic grills. You can also close the damper completely to kill fire for shut down.

Two Fans

When you're getting serious and working on large cookers, you may want to upgrade to run two fans simultaneously to have oxygen flow over a large area of charcoal. Our DynaQ, UltraQ, and DigiQ DX3 models can power up to 2 fans using a Blower Splitter cord accessory.