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BBQ Guru’s Super Spring Giveaway!

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Spring is here and nothing kicks-off the season more than the smoky smell of barbecue lingering in the fresh air. From fall-off-the-bone ribs to tender, succulent brisket, BBQ Guru wants to make sure you have your best BBQ season yet. To help you do that, we’re launching our Super Spring Giveaway!


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Every Thursday until May 18th, we’ll be picking a new winner!


Every Thursday until May 11th, we’ll be picking a new winner!

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Two 14-inch, two 18-inch Weber Smokey Mountain Cookers and a Char Griller Kamado Grill.


  1. Buy any black or green DigiQ temperature control package and you’re entered automatically* (Shop Now)
  2. For bonus entry points, or if you already own a DigiQ, share a picture of your BBQ with your DigiQ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest (Make sure you post is as Public to qualify. There’s no limit to these entries.)
  3. Include this with your post:  BBQ Guru’s Free Grill Giveaway! #BBQGuru


Are you looking to spring into savings? Buy any black or green DigiQ temperature control package and get 10% off **.

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Happy BBQ'ing!

*No purchase necessary. To enter the giveaway, mail in a request letter to be entered into the Super Spring Sweepstakes and a card along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: BBQ Guru 359 Ivyland Road Warminster, PA 18974. Limit 1 mail entry per person per household.
**While supplies last

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Meat the family. The secret weapon used by Pitmasters worldwide!
Cook tender, juicy, and better BBQ every time.

Once your neighbors start smelling that sweet aroma of BBQ and hearing everyone raving about your cooking skills, they're going to want to know...

The BBQ Secret

The best BBQ is juicy, tender, and tasty. To achieve that level of perfection, you need to cook the meat at low even temperatures over a long period of time. There's no way to grill your meat quickly and achieve the same result. The ability to precisely control the temperature of your cooking is key, but that is difficult. If you've ever overcooked your food before, you know the sad and embarrassing tragedy of burned and dried out meat. Until recently, only the best BBQ Pitmasters could control the temperature that well...

Master the control of your fire

NOW there's an exciting and easy way to get that same BBQ Pitmaster POWER that they use TO MASTER THE CONTROL OF THEIR FIRE.

Since the 1940's, people have been able to control the temperature of their indoor ovens, but for anyone cooking outdoors, they have continued to struggle with overcooked and dried out meat...until now. You can thank the geniuses at BBQ Guru because they have invented a line of products that put that power into your hands!

Make these famous and
delicious BBQ recipes!



Tasty Tender

Pulled Pork

Compare the gurus



With a built-in digital food thermometer and "food ready"alert, it's no surprise this easy-to-use control is our best selling product.

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CyberQ Cloud:

If you'll only settle for the best, our top-of-the-line control comes with 3 built-in food thermometers for measuring multiple meats and can be controlled and monitored from your wi-fi enabled device.

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Perfect for people on the go, the portable PartyQ runs on AA batteries and very fast to setup. Great for Tailgating, Sporting Events, Camping, Fishing and Hiking Trips, RV'ing, Trips to the Mountains or Beach, Your Own Backyard, or even competitions.

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It's no wonder the majority of nationally award-winning BBQ competition Pitmasters use one of BBQ Guru's products!

What the pros are saying


"I love mine and don't know what I'd do without it."


"It will save you a lot of time fiddling with your vents."

National BBQ News

"Capable of turning an average Joe into a BBQ User."

"You too can smoke like a true competition pitmaster."

"I monitored my BBQ while I was gone and the unit did its job perfectly."

"Capable of turning an average Joe into a BBQ User."

Used by the
majority of
in the US.

Become the hero
of the party!

Get started making great BBQ!

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