The Beginner's Guide to BBQ


Having the right BBQ grill and smoker accessories helps make barbequing easier, more convenient, and fun!

BBQ Guru has many of the essential BBQ tools, must-have products, cool gadgets, and otherwise awesome smoker accessories. Here is a list of grilling supplies we recommend to make your BBQing experience enjoyable and delicious!

Rib RingsĀ®
  • The one and only rib rack designed to maximize your grilling space by placing ribs in an upright circular pattern. You can cook 6 racks of ribs in bulk or 5 racks of ribs and a whole chicken.
Food Handling Gloves
  • Food Handling Gloves are great for grabbing large cuts of meat and turning them over or pulling it off the cooker when food is hot.
Hearth Leather Gloves
  • Hearth Leather Gloves give you extra protection and heat resistance when handling hot items like charcoal pans and grill grates.
Disposable Cutting Boards
  • Disposable cutting boards are really helpful to avoid cross-contamination. They are made of a high quality coated food grade paper. They have a large cutting area of 18 X 24 inches, but can be cut to size for smaller jobs.
BBQ Sauces and Rubs
  • BBQ sauces and rubs will give your BBQ unique and delicious flavor that will surely be a fan favorite!
Smoke Wood
  • Smoke Wood is a BBQ essential that compliments your meat, but doesn't overwhelm it.

Some other grilling supplies we recommend:

Fire starter torch
  • For an easy and fun way to get your fire going, you will want a fire starter torch. All you have to do is turn on the gas, activate the torch, and start firing up your coal. This also allows you to keep a safe distance, so you don't get any hot embers on your clothes.
  • There's a ton of knife options over a wide range of pricing on the market. To get started in the BBQing craft we recommend having a good quality chef, slicing, and boning knife.
  • It's always a good idea to have a basic thermometer on hand to quickly check your food for an accurate read to avoid overcooked or undercooked food.
  • If you like succulent, juicy meats, then invest in a meat injector to add flavor deep into your food and keep it moist.
  • One of the best tools for grilling is a pair of tongs. They allow you to cook with ease by picking up or holding your food, while keeping your hands away from the heat.
Basting Brush
  • For basting your meat you'll want to use a silicone brush because it's durable, the bristles won't clump, and it's easy to clean.