The Beginner's Guide to BBQ

Temperature Control

The key to knock-your-socks-off, "slap yo' momma" BBQ is keeping the temperature even and consistent throughout the cook.

"How am I supposed to do that on charcoal?" you might worry.

The important thing to remember is this: Don't be intimidated by cooking on charcoal. BBQ Guru's temperature-control devices automatically and constantly control your cooker's fire with their patented power-draft technology. In other words they do the work for you by quickly bringing your cooker to target temperature, regulating the fan, and delivering the precise amount of airflow to the charcoal.

We've got 3 controls to help make your BBQ fun and easy, and take out some of the guesswork in trying to control temperature.

The DigiQ adds a digital food thermometer that constantly tracks your meat's internal temperature. This way you can easily pull your food off the heat at the exact moment it reaches its peak of perfection.

BBQ Guru's entry level control, the DynaQ features the Light Ring and Versatile Mount support while controlling your pit temperature and tracking your food temperature. The companion Bluetooth app allows for maximum control over your BBQ, right from your pocket.

The UltraQ supports up to 3 food probes, allowing you to track the temperature of three different meats simultaneously. Supporting both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, access your cook through the companion app or computer. Graph your temperatures, and even setup email and text message alerts.