Testimonials and Love Letters for BBQ Guru Products

We love hearing from our customers and how our products are helping them make BBQ easier, more fun, and tastier. Check out the comments below. We'd love to hear from you too. Just drop us a note on our contact page and let us know how you're using your control and what you think of it.

I did try to use the BBQ Guru this weekend and I have to say the results were fantastic. The Guru came through on the first try in very difficult conditions (windy, a hard rain, and an outside temperature drop of at least 20 degrees over the 4-hour cooking period and all on a leaky weber grill).
Like a nervous parent, I would check the gauge only to find the Guru keeping the temperature steady.
The results were babyback ribs that were moist and smoky. Quite simply, the best I ever made. I can't wait to try to do more.

Thanks, David

About six weeks ago I purchased a used large Big Green Egg and a DigiQ DX2 with Pit Viper fan. I am new to the Egg, and to the DigiQ.

Wow. What a game changer.

I love the DigiQ. It has made cooking with the egg so much easier. You become confident in it as soon as you use it once. It’s like setting a digital oven. The layout, the controls, and overall it "makes sense." The way the DigiQ operates and reacts is just great. I’m an airline pilot (Boeing 757 and 767 Captain) and, trust me, I know and respect good gear.

I’ve never smoked meat before. With the DigiQ my son and I have confidently launched into several low and slow briskets and pork butt roasts with fantastic results. I’m truly impressed and have been ‘talking up’ you guys to my co-workers.

Thank you, Perry

Wireless Automatic BBQ Temperature Control CyberQ Wifi

Although I only got my cooker a few months I love using the CyberQ Wifi with it. Just as easy for a 5 hour cook or a 15 hour cook, it controls temperature like a champ!
I can check on it remotely on my smartphone and even make adjustments without even going outside.
Thanks for making my life simpler and my BBQ better.

Thanks, Jerry