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Kamado #5 #7 #9 Adaptor

Kamado #5 #7 #9 Adaptor

Stock Code: B800-1001-001

Price: $35.00


This DOES NOT fit a Kamado Joe or 99% of all cookers sold in the USA with the name Kamado in the title.  This is an adaptor for an older ceramic cooker manufacturer.  We typically only sell a dozen of these per year. Unfortunately customers mistakenly order this adaptor about a dozen times a month and have to waste money on shipping fees to return it for the correct adaptor.  If you aren't sure what cooker you have please email 

The Kamado adaptor door has two locking pins designed to precisely fit into the existing Kamado damper tubes. To install, place the adaptor door into the Kamado draft door/cleanout inlet. While applying pressure to the adaptor door to compress the gasket against the cooker, tighten the wing nuts to set the locking pins. We use high temperature adhesive foam to ensure a tight seal on your grill/smoker. This adaptor door fits the #5, #7, and #9.

Comes with high-temp silicone kill plug.

***Have a #3 or an older model Kamado, please call or email for price and we will make a door for you***
1.5 lbs