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Guru Control Accessories

Flex Neck Magnet Mount for DigiQ or CyberQ - $19.99

The all new flex neck magnet mount is designed for use with our DigiQ and CyberQ control models. Simply place it on any magnetic surface to conveniently hold your BBQ Guru controller. It has an extremely strong magnet that will hold...

Protective Hard Carrying Case for DigiQ and CyberQ - $24.99

Molded plastic hard control storage case. This accessory/storage case uses 2 layers of high-density foam and thick wall construction for maximum protection of your BBQ accessories. It also features user friendly lockable latches,...

12V - 2 Amp Power Pack - $21.00

This power pack converts 120 volt AC household power to 12 volt DC power for use on the NanoQ, DigiQII, DigiQ Dx2, CyberQ Wifi, CyberQ Cloud and ProCom4 controls.

6 Foot Fan Extension Cord - $12.00

This Fan Extension Cord is 6 ft. It extends the standard Power Draft Fan for the convenience of mounting the BBQ Guru control box separately from the Fan.

12VDC Vehicle Adapter Cord - $15.00

12 V DC Vehicle Adaptor Cord for Portable power. This 6 ft. 12 volt DC adaptor allows you to power your BBQ Guru with any 12 volt DC power source such as your car, ATV or portable jump starter in the cigarette lighter/12 Volt DC accessory...

12 VDC Battery Jumper Cord - $15.00

Great for Cook-offs and Camping Trips! This 12 Volt DC Adapter Cord allows you to connect directly to 12 volt battery terminals. An additional jumper cord is included for connecting two 6 volt lantern style batteries.

12 V Vehicle Socket - $15.00

Use with a vehicle adaptor to power your control from a car battery. A heavy duty 12 volt adaptor with a vehicle adaptor socket on one end and jumper clips on the other. Used in conjunction with a 12V vehicle adaptor to run your...

Alligator Clip (5pk) - $3.95

Cayman Clips are used to connect your Pit Probe to the cooking grate or dial thermometer.

Kill Plug - $4.95

This kill plug is molded from high temperature silicone and was designed to fit snug into the Draft Inducer Tube when The BBQ Guru's Blower fan is removed from the grill/smoker after a cook. The Kill Plug cuts off air flow so your...

Eyelet Kit for Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker - $12.00 sale: $9.99

Designed for Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker The WSM Eyelets were designed to specifically fit into the grill holder brackets on the Weber Smokey Mountain. These eyelets make it easy to run BBQ Guru probes and/or wires into your cooker...

Fan Splitter - $15.00

This Fan Splitter allows you to connect two fans to one BBQ Guru control unit. Large fireboxes may need multiple fans to effectively move air through the cooker. It can be used with the NanoQ, DigiQ DX2, CyberQ II and CyberQ Wifi models. ***NOTE:...

Control Mount Bracket - $7.50

This control mount is used as a stand for the DigiQ and CyberQ controls. You can bend and shape this to fit your specific needs.