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Silver Bullet Smoker Jacket

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It's not so much that you are burning alot of charcoal, it's the fact that you have to be inconvenienced with loading the smoker every few hours.Wind conditions, rain, snow and cold weather all play a roll in how fast your fuel is used during a cook. Some people spend thousands of dollars for insulated pits for smoking foods and low & slow cooks. That's wonderful but...

You don't have to!

With the Silver Bullet Smoker Jacket, you can fill your smoker once and cook until your meat is done.

The Silver Bullet Smoker Jacket is easy to place on and remove. Clean up is a breeze and folds up nice for storage and travel. Spend your time with the guests or get some sleep while that brisket or pork butt is slow cooking to perfection.

The SBSJ is custom made from a high temperature, silicon coated fabric This jacket extends cooking times and conserves charcoal. The SBSJ is designed for use with any BBQ Guru control and when used together, smoke flows through the top damper of your smoker and down through the bottom air space in the jacket. You will be surprised at how efficient these products make your bullet smoker.