DigiQ® DX3

This high-tech digital temperature control device automatically tracks the internal temperature of food and controls your grill’s temperature like an oven. The results are tender, juicy, and delicious barbecue every time.

Available in black and green

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Your Secret Weapon for Cooking Delicious Meals

Achieve flavorful and perfectly cooked barbecue with steady low temperatures

Barbecuing with charcoal is the only way to achieve that unbelievable succulent, tantalizing flavor. Whether you’re cooking beef brisket, pork ribs, or chicken wings, the key ingredients to mastering delicious barbecue are the perfect mix of time and temperature. Conquering this slow cooking process allows the tough, chewy protein fibers in meat to break down and transform into incredibly tender barbecue. The problem is that charcoal is notoriously difficult to control and wild temperature fluctuations can result in tough, dried, or burnt meat. The DigiQ® DX3 temperature control device easily avoids this disaster by measuring the internal temperature of your food and effortlessly maintaining the precise cooking temperature inside your grill.

Key Operations

shows food temperature


raises the setpoint

raises the setpoint

shows pit temperature


lowers the setpoint



enters the setup menu

Complete Control at The Grill

Master your barbecue with automatic oven-like precision

No matter what type of meat you’re cooking, your meals will always be bursting with flavor. The DigiQ® DX3’s proprietary technology monitors and controls the temperature inside your grill by feeding the precise amount of oxygen to your charcoal.

With minimal effort, temperature fluctuations are reduced and accurate temperature control is achieved. The result is evenly cooked food, helping you serve your friends and family the tastiest, juiciest food every time.

Precise Digital Food Thermometer

Measure the internal temperature of food and enjoy perfectly cooked meat

Cooking times and temperatures may vary depending on the type of meat, method of preparation, size, and the desired degree of doneness. Determining the doneness temperature of meat is important for two main reasons: food safety and food quality.

The DigiQ's digital food thermometer is the best and most reliable way to track the internal temperature of meat. This incredibly handy tool is virtually necessary to assure that a safe internal temperature has been reached, harmful bacteria have been destroyed, and food is perfectly cooked. Being able to track internal temperatures will also let you know exactly what is happening inside your meat as it cooks, resulting in higher quality food. Raw meat is generally chewy and full of moisture. As temperature rises, meat slowly begins to tenderize and noticeable physical changes will occur in color, texture, firmness, and size. But overcooking meat by just a few degrees can mean the different between a juicy brisket and one that has become incredibly tough.

High Performance Digital Cooking Thermometer

Barbecue to a new level with accurate temperature monitoring

The DigiQ is equipped with a robust digital thermometer probe that is not only simple to use, but is engineered to the highest precision standards. The probe gets placed on your grill's grate using an alligator clip extension and accurately measures your grill’s internal cooking temperature. It sends this reading back to the main control unit and the DigiQ then evaluates all temperature changes and adjusts the heat as needed. The probe is rated for temperatures up to 500°F and the sturdy sheathed wires are used to protect against breakage, heat, or errors while cooking.

Easy To Set Up, Easy To Use

Select your cooking temperature in seconds and effortlessly maintain even heat

Whether you’re a beginner or professional pitmaster, the DigiQ will make your outdoor cooking experience easier than ever. Take the guesswork out of your next barbecue and attach the DigiQ to your grill. Using the up and down buttons, select your ideal cooking and food temperature. The high-tech device will simultaneously monitor your food’s internal temperature while maintaining the perfect ambient cooking temperature. Long cooks are now easy and convenient, so you can enjoy the best and most tender meals ever.

Large Digital Display

View cooking status on high visibility LCD screen

At a quick glance, the large 3 digit LCD display allows you to view the grill or food temperature at a moment’s notice (you have the option to change temperatures to display F° or C°).

The "blaze red" display is designed to be easily seen during all times of the day and night. For added convenience, three status indicator lights will show how the grill is performing. When the ramp mode feature is turned on, the left LED light will be turned on. The middle indicator light allows you to view the grill or food temperature. The blower/temperature LED light on the right will show how the DigiQ is controlling your grill. During normal use, the blower will smoothly stoke the fire and intermittently feed it bursts of oxygen at the precise time. When charcoal is running low, the blower will start running all the time, signaling that you should check your charcoal levels. Depending on the current status of the blower, the light will blink about once per second.

Revolutionary Fan

Smart technology learns your grill’s cooking thermodynamics

If you enjoy the idea of not having to babysit your grill all day then a DigiQ temperature control is key. The fan regulates the temperature by blowing just the right amount of oxygen within the grill to generate your ideal temperature. Based on your grill’s internal cooking temperature, the DigiQ automatically adjusts a specially oscillating fan blade system that will either increase or decrease the intensity of your charcoal’s heat. Since the fan is placed over your smoker’s air vents, you no longer have to fiddle with them to achieve the ideal amount of airflow. Just like an oven, the DigiQ will maintain a steady temperature throughout the cook even if there are changes in humidity, precipitation, or outside temperature.

The DigiQ’s fan is equipped with an adjustable built-in slide damper for unmatched precise temperature control. This allows users to make fine adjustments on their grill due to natural drafts that affect cooking temperature during the blower’s off cycle. The damper can also be used to quickly extinguish a fire by closing it completely.

The DigiQ comes in BBQ Guru’s 10 CFM Pit Viper fan, which is best for ceramics, kettles and most backyard smokers.

The 25 CFM Pit Bull fan is best to power and control large grills. In the event a large firebox needs multiple fans to effectively move air through the grill, a fan splitter is separately available to connect two fans to one control unit.

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Audible “Food Ready” Alert

Pull your food off the grill at the exact moment it reaches its peak perfection

Barbecue hot off the grill is a taste to be savored, but knowing when to pull it off is key to creating the perfect meal. You'll never wonder again with the DigiQ's food ready alert. Once your food has reached the perfect temperature, the display screen will show a food done message and the audible alert will beep to notify that your food is ready. Adjust the beeper intensity from 0-10, depending if you prefer a small, infrequent chirp or a frequent, loud beep if you will be further away from your grill.

The “food ready” alert also puts an end to one of the most common outdoor cooking mistakes: repeatedly lifting the grill’s lid. As tempting as it is to see what’s happening underneath, constantly opening the grill’s lid will bring in more oxygen and cause unwanted temperature swings. Since the “food ready” alert notifies you when meat is done, outdoor cooks can finally break that irresistible urge. Finally, you can enjoy more time with your friends and family without having to leave to check for doneness or guess when your food is ready.

Intelligent Open Lid Detection

Minimize temperature swings with accelerated heat recovery

When your grill's lid is opened, heat can quickly escape from inside the grill and cause major drops in temperatures. When the open lid detection feature is turned on, the DigiQ senses when there has been a heat disturbance and evaluates any sudden drop in temperatures. Recovery time is automatically adjusted quickly getting your grill back to the desired cooking temperature, eliminating unwanted temperature swings and potential temperatures spikes.

Exclusive Ramp Mode

Automatically lower pit temperature and never overcook meat again

Chewy, burnt, and dried out meat is now a thing of the past. The exclusive ramp mode feature eliminates the chance of overcooking meat by automatically lowering your grills temperature when the food gets within 30 degrees of being done. This optional feature provides you more time to remove your meal from the grill. This means you’ll be able to enjoy it at the perfect moment and avoid the possibility of burning your food.

Grill Compatibility

Works with nearly every grill or smoker available

Knowing that there are hundreds of grills in the marketplace, BBQ Guru has manufactured a massive list of specifically made adaptors to offer maximum compatibility. This ensures the DigiQ will perfectly fit on almost any charcoal or wood fired grill and will most likely work with yours. The process of finding a compatible adaptor for a specific grill, smoker or cooker is easy, simple, and fast. Use BBQ Guru’s “Help me Choose Guru Guide” to quickly find the right match. The DigiQ is also available in black or green. Click here to shop our product line and find your perfect finish.

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