UltraQ® Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
BBQ Temperature Control

The BBQ Guru UltraQ® Temperature Controller is the ideal companion for any BBQ cook, amateur or professional, who wants to take their cooks to the highest level. Now, you can ensure you're getting oven-like precision and a perfect meal every time you fire up your grill through Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi control.


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The Latest and Greatest in BBQ Temperature Control

There's nothing quite like BBQing over charcoal. How else do you expect to get the juiciest, most delicious, succulent meat? However, you know that uneven temperatures can result in dried or burnt meat, ruining your meal.

The UltraQ BBQ Temperature Control's state-of-the-art design will ease your mind by providing you with 100% control over your grill and giving you oven-like precision that was previously unheard of in the world of BBQ.

Guru Status Light Ring

The UltraQ is outfitted with the brand-new, intuitively-designed, state-of-the-art, patent-pending Guru Status Light Ring.

This revolutionary feature is a game-changer for the BBQ industry. At a glance, you can get visual feedback on the status of your cooking temperature and the operation of the control. Now, you can quickly and easily identify crucial cooking moments:

Blue Outer Ring:

  • The pit temperature has not reached your target cooking temperature. When you're first starting your cook, the blue light is an indicator that your grill is still in the preheating phase.
  • If you've been cooking for a while and you see the blue ring re-appear, it could be an indication that you may be running out of charcoal, hence why the temperature is dropping.

Red Outer Ring with Pulse Indicators:

  • When the outer light ring turns red and pulses on the sides, this means that the UltraQ is running its variable flow fan to precisely maintain your cooking temperature.
  • When the entire outer light ring pulses red, this serves as a visual alarm so you'll know something has occurred and that it needs your attention.

Bright LED with Display Scanning Feature

The UltraQ is also equipped with a large LED display to prominently show the precise probe temperatures at a glance, giving you further insight as to how your cook is going.

We're also excited to introduce an innovative feature known as Display Scanning. The UItraQ measures your pit temperature and up to 3 food temperatures. With Display Scanning turned on, the "Q-Tail™" light on the Status Light Ring will illuminate in one of 4 colors, one at a time, to show you the temperature of each of the digital temperature probes. You can quickly see the temperature on the LED display and the color of the probe, so you can easily keep track of your entire grill.

Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi
Controlled IOS and Android App

You've asked, here it is!

The BBQ Guru app allows you to have total control over your UltraQ right from your smartphone, whether you're running on iOS or Android mobile operating systems.

Via a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection, the BBQ Guru app lets you set target temperatures, view current cook temperatures, track up to 3 food temperatures, and overall have total control of your BBQ, all from your phone. Use the app to achieve perfect predictability and consistency with your cooks without needing to hover by the cooker. In addition, with email and text notifications, you'll always know the most up-to-date status of your BBQ.

No matter where you are, the UltraQ's connective capabilities have got you covered. Use the Bluetooth connection if you're having a catch or doing some yard work, or switch on the Wi-Fi if you need to the run to the store, stop by the bank, or catch a flight to Europe. Keep an eye on your food from literally anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection!


For those who want a simple cook, the UltraQ comes with a Plug-and-Play option. Hook it up and it will default to a pit temperature of 250 F. It also comes with three buttons on the side panel which allow you to set and toggle between pit and food temperatures - no app or Wi-Fi needed.

New Patented 5-in-1 Versatile Guru Mount

Introducing the new 5-in-1 Versatile Guru Mount. This sleek mount has multiple features that allow you to use your Guru temperature control in the most convenient setup, no matter your grill configuration.

The anti-skid rubber feet let you mount the UltraQ on virtually any flat surface without having to worry about it sliding around or scratching the surface it rests on. Alternatively, you can also remove the rubber feet to reveal screw holes, allowing you to mount it to wood and other surfaces. The built-in swivel head also lets you set up the UltraQ to face the direction you want, giving you a perfect view no matter where you are.

We've also built in a powerful, high-temperature-resistant magnet, which means you can place the mount on most metal surfaces for even more versatility.

High Precision, Dishwasher-Safe Temperature Probes

Crucial to UltraQ's accurate temperature tracking and control is its high-precision digital thermometer probes. The control comes with two new and improved, sturdy, dishwasher-safe temperature probes. One probe is attached to your grill grate to precisely measure the interior of the pit. The other probe is inserted into your food, so you can keep an eye on its internal temperature as you cook.

After your cook, you can easily wash the probes by hand or in the dishwasher. The probes are rated for temperatures up to 500 F, and the sturdy sheathed wires protect against breakage and kinks.

Revolutionary Fan

How do you control coal intensity? Configure the oxygen flow.

The UltraQ automatically adjusts to regulate the temperature of your grill by blowing just the right amount of oxygen on your charcoal. The fan is also equipped with a built-in slide damper for further unmatched temperature precision, making it easier for you to adjust the grill due to natural drafts that affect cooking temperatures during the fan's off cycle. Need to extinguish a fire quickly? Simply close the damper to cut off oxygen flow completely.

BBQ Guru's Pit Viper fan is best for ceramics, kettles and most smaller backyard smokers.

The Pit Bull fan is best to power and control large grills and smokers. For very large smokers.

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Intelligent Open Lid Detection

We know it's hard trying not to peek, but if you have to open your grill, heat escapes, causing your grill's cooking temperatures to plummet. Meanwhile, the extra blast of air that gets introduced into your grill stokes the fire, usually causing a spike in temperature. The UltraQ comes with intelligent open-lid detection technology. When the device senses a sudden drop in temperatures, recovery time is quickly adjusted to get your grill back to your desired cooking temperature in no time without overshooting.

Patented Ramp Mode

Our proprietary Ramp Mode prevents your meat from being overcooked by automatically lowering your pit temperature as your food temperature increases. This gives you more time to remove your meat at just the right time, so that dried and burnt meat is a thing of the past.

Alexa Voice Control

Want to be more "hands-on" with your cooking while also staying "hands-off"? Imagine you're watching the game and don't want to get up and check your cook. Just ask your Amazon Alexa-enabled device to check on your UltraQ.

Want to quickly know the temperature of your food?
Alexa, what's the temperature on Food 1?

Want to increase your pit temperature?
Alexa, set the pit temperature to 250.

Outdoor cooking just became much easier, and you didn't even need to lift a finger!


ShareMyCook.com, powered by BBQ Guru, has been a customer favorite website since its creation several years ago that has helped customers create thousands of successful cooks. In addition to the app, you can use ShareMyCook.com from your desktop or laptop computer to track and control your cooks in real-time. The built-in temperature graphing capabilities give you a nice, clear visual of your temperature through your cook, and you can make important notes throughout the cook so that you can review them later. You can even record and share your masterpiece cooks with friends and family in just a few clicks!

Grill Compatibility

There are hundreds of grills on the market these days, which is why we at BBQ Guru created a massive collection of adapters so you can use our temperature controls. The UltraQ will work with almost any charcoal or wood-fired grill, so you can rest assured knowing that you'll be able to take advantage of its outstanding features, no matter what you're cooking on. All you need to do is check our "Help Me Choose Guru Guide" and find out which adapter fits your grill.