Monolith BBQ Guru Edition - Discontinued

The only high-tech ceramic charcoal grill powered by built-in automatic temperature control for oven-like precision and a total hands-off approach. The results are juicy, tender, and delicious meals every time.
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Elevate Your Taste Buds

Satisfy all of your cooking needs with the ultimate all-in-one outdoor cooker

The Monolith BBQ Guru Edition is the biggest breakthrough in outdoor cooking that you've been waiting for. Whether you require high temperatures for a perfectly grilled steak or low for fall-off-the-bone barbecued ribs, you'll be amazed by all the possibilities of using just one grill.

Kamado-style cooking is an ancient household staple that was traditionally used for over 3,000 years due to its amazing flavor infusing capabilities. Using innovative technology,

the ceramic charcoal grill has been carefully modernized to perfect this centuries-old style of cooking.

Invite the world's cuisines into your home and let the Monolith do the work of a sous chef or BBQ pitmaster. The built-in automatic temperature control easily controls your cooking time and temperature. With minimal effort, you now have oven-like precision at the grill, helping you serve your friends and family the tastiest meals every time.

Unbeatable Performance

Designed to deliver precision, practicality, and the highest quality

Precise temperature control: Automatically manage and effortlessly control your grill like an oven. The Monolith's exclusive and revolutionary integrated digital temperature controls, combined with a built-in fan housing system, raises efficiency levels and provides complete control at the grill.

One grill, multiple cooking styles: This versatile charcoal-fueled grill is able to perform in ways that other grills can't. The heat retention and outstanding control of air flow makes baking fresh bread, perfectly grilled fish, and even gourmet-style pizza possible.

Remarkable moisture retention: Since air movement is minimal and very little oxygen is required to maintain temperature, meats will retain more of their natural juices. Enjoy incredibly tender, moist, and juicy food.

Fuel efficient: Compared to other grills, the Monolith consumes up to 50% less charcoal. Cook low and slow for up to 24 hours with just 5.5 - 6.6lb of charcoal.

Even heat, excellent insulation: The exceptional thermal performance of the high fire glazed ceramic, smart air regulation, and use of the finest materials means you can retain heat more efficiently and control the temperature unlike any other grill.

Traditional smoky flavor: Using the unique wood chip feeder system, flavored wood chips are placed in a chute and get directly pushed over the charcoal without having to raise the lid. This premium detail avoids unwanted temperature swings while adding a delicate, smoky flavor to your deliciously cooked foods.

Unparalleled craftsmanship: The Monolith perfectly blends aesthetics with functionality. The combination of a sleek black exterior, signature bamboo side tables, and high heat ceramic ensures a reliable, durable, and long-lasting ceramic grill for years to come.

Unlimited Cooking Versatility

Explore your culinary creativity with the complete outdoor kitchen

The Monolith performs unlike any other grill and can do just about everything: grilling, slow cooking, roasting, baking, and searing-the options are limitless. Take full advantage of your Monolith grill and discover the variety of cooking methods.

Direct: High Heat Grilling/Searing
Direct cooking is used primarily for searing and for foods that take less than 20 minutes to cook. Food is placed directly above the heat source and is usually best for relatively small pieces of food that cook quickly, such as shrimp, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, and vegetables.

Two- Zone: Combo Indirect/ Direct
Two-zone cooking is the most versatile way to cook. Using a charcoal basket and divider, it combines both direct and indirect heat for cooking a wide variety of foods at the same time.

Indirect: Low & Slow Cooking/Smoking
Indirect cooking involves creating a barrier between the coals or placing the food to the side of the heat source. It is ideal for traditional barbecue meats that require long, slow cooking at low temperatures, such as ribs, brisket, whole turkey, and pulled pork.

Pizza Stone: Grilling/ Baking
Recreate the conditions of a brick oven on your grill by using the ceramic pizza stone. This method is best for grilling gourmet-style pizza or baking desserts and bread.

Fire Meets Technology

Enjoy smarter control and greater freedom with the most advanced ceramic grill in the world

Enjoy smarter control and greater freedom with the most advanced ceramic grill in the world No matter what type of meat you're cooking, your meals will always be bursting with flavor. The Monolith's built-in fan housing system takes the guesswork out of cooking by maintaining a steady temperature inside the grill-just like an oven. Select your desired temperature and the Monolith will cook your meat to the perfect degree of doneness every time, regardless of changes in humidity, precipitation or the outside temperature.

Revolutionary Built-In Temperature Control

Automatic oven-like precision makes outdoor cooking easy and convenient


Control your grill's temperature completely from your phone with the UltraQ Temperature Control. Via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, you can connect your phone to your device and monitor your pit's temperature along with 3 different foods. The dedicated BBQ Guru app allows you to raise or lower your temperature, set text and food alerts, share cooks on social media, and much more. The UltraQ also comes with Amazon Alexa, Plug-and-Play capabilities, a bright LED display, and a patent-pending status light ring. BBQers, say hello to your new best friend!

12+ Premium Accessories

Master your grill with an extensive range of outdoor cooking tools

Unlike other grills, the Monolith eliminates the need to purchase additional accessories and is equipped with everything you need in one convenient package to create the perfect meal.

Two Bamboo Side Tables
Wood Chip Feeder System
Charcoal Basket with Divider
Stainless Steel 18" Grate
Stainless Steel Extension Grate
Deflector Stone (halved) & Lift
Pizza Stone
Ventilation Cap
Fire Ring
Fire Box
Heat Protector
Cast Iron Fire Grate
Ash Hook
Grate Lifter

Unique Wood Chip Feeder System

Add smoky, real wood flavor to your next barbecue

Enhance the flavor of your next cook with the unique wood chip feeder system. Using a specially designed aperture, flavored wood chips, chunks, or pellets get released directly over the hot coals-without having to raise the Monolith's lid. Since the grill's lid doesn't have to be lifted, a consistent temperature is maintained, making for a great tasting barbecue.