A BBQ Smoker Oven Revolution

The Shotgun BBQ Smoker has arrived - the latest BBQ oven designed for use with BBQ Guru temperature control systems. With a huge capacity and highly efficient insulation, this new smoker will be excellent for backyard, catering, and competition BBQ events. Get ready to grill, smoke, bake, roast, dehydrate, or even cold smoke. It is expertly crafted with a strong fully welded case design. Experience cooking as efficient as a ceramic grill but with 4 times the capacity. The Shotgun BBQ Smoker is great for cooking for as little as 2 people to more than 100. Excellent size for backyard, catering, vending, and competition BBQ events.


  • HUGE! Cook examples: 8 pork butts or 2 full 20+ lbs briskets. 8 brisket flats or 96 chicken legs/thighs. 24 chicken halves or 140 chicken wings. 8 racks of spare ribs
  • Feeds more than 100 people
  • Fits 4 full steam pans or 8 half pans
  • 3 stainless steel 13”x22” cooking shelves and 4 shelf positions. (Additional shelves can be purchased.)
  • Removable water/drip pan for cooking with or without water
  • Stainless steel interior including bottom floor, door handles and piano hinges
  • Double insulated walls for long burn times and efficient cooking
  • High quality dial thermometer
  • Cooking temps from 120°F to 400°F
  • Reverse flow heat and smoke system for even heating throughout smoker
  • Removable heavy-duty firebox and ash pan for easy loading and cleaning
  • Smokers runs for approximately 20 hours at 250°F on 12 lbs of charcoal
  • Sturdy Steel cabinet smoker with dolly handle and wheel system for easy transport

BBQ Guru Controls

All three of Guru’s controls start with the same core function. A high precision digital thermometer placed inside the cooker continually monitors the ambient temperature. It sends these readings back to the main control unit that measures and analyzes all temperature fluctuations. Using proprietary algorithms, it then regulates a specially calibrated, oscillating, fan blade system that feeds just the right amount of oxygen into the cooker. This increases or decreases the intensity of your charcoal’s heat to create your perfect temperature.


BBQ Guru’s entry level control, the PartyQ, runs on AA batteries and provides temperature control for most small and medium-sized cookers. Because it’s portable, it’s great for your backyard, tailgates, picnics, camping, or the beach, or wherever life takes you and your BBQ.


The DigiQ also adds a digital food thermometer that constantly track your meat’s internal temperature so you can easily pull your food off the heat at the exact moment it reaches its peak of perfection!


The CyberQ comes with three digital food thermometers and is WiFi enabled so you can monitor and control your cook temperatures and watch up to three food temperatures from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet, or PC. It can even notify you by e-mail or text message when your meat is ready.