Rib Rings® - The Extreme Rib Rack and Chicken Roaster

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BBQ GURU Rib Ring Grilling Accessory

Maximize your grilling space in the most ingenious way with the Rib Rings®! The patent-pending design is the first and only BBQ accessory to conserve grilling space by placing ribs in an upright circular pattern. 


“Awesome product, had friends over, smoked 5 racks & a chicken, all were impressed” – Frank Garza, AZ

“Allows me to utilize the space in the smoker better than just resting on the cooking surface. One of the best upgrades I have ever purchased.” – Jeffrey Assarian, MA

“A genius approach to allow cooking multiple racks on a grill. The drip pan and the pit probe holder makes for easy clean up and better monitoring of the pit temperature. Well done!” – Curt R.



  • Cooks 6 racks of ribs in bulk or 5 racks of ribs and a whole chicken
  • Cooks chicken wings, peppers, and more!
  • Built-in stainless steel probe holder
  • Resuable aluminum drip pan for an easy cleanup
  • Oven and dishwasher safe
  • Made with heavy-duty nickel-plated carbon steel for long durability
  • Fits on all 18" x18" and up vertical, horizontal, and round kettle, bullet-style, and ceramic grills and smokers

DIMENSIONS: 15 5/8” Rib Rings diameter 16 3/8” Aluminum pan diameter

NOTE: The Rib Rings will NOT fit a medium kamado-style cooker unless you lower the cooking surface.