BBQ Bob's Apple Vinegar Sauce 18oz

BBQ Bob's Apple Vinegar Sauce 18oz

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BBQ Bob’s Apple Vinegar Sauce

This sauce is a take on the traditional Eastern North Carolina sauce. The blend of spices, apple cider vinegar and apple purée give it a touch of sweet apple flavor up front then hits you the delicious bold flavors of vinegar, red pepper flake and spices. This sauce is perfect for chopped and pulled pork, whole hogs, pork chops, grilled and smoked chicken and is exceptional for marinating and injecting meats. Shake it Baby!

About BBQ Bob

BBQ Bob Trudnak, Pitmaster for the BBQ Guru Competition cooking team, has developed a line of BBQ sauces and rubs that stem from his 10+ years on the competition circuit and years of catering experience. Cooking for judges and the general public week in and week out has helped him to create great tasting products that appeal to everyone.