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PartyQ DigiQ CyberQ Wifi

As BBQ experts know, controlling the temperature of your cooker is key to great BBQ, and that's exactly what our products do for you. BBQ Guru inventors developed a system that is revolutionizing BBQ as we know it today! Our products will make your BBQ experience more enjoyable and more delicious. In no time, you'll be cooking better BBQ with less effort. Once you start using our devices, you'll never want to BBQ again without them.

How the Controls Work - Before you choose the temperature control device that's best for you, find out how our BBQ Guru inventors developed our patented system of controlling the temperature in your cooker.

Compare BBQ Controls - Check out a side-by-side comparison of the different controls and features.

Have Cooker, Ready to Shop - Find out what control systems are compatible with your own cooker, grill, or smoker.