Help Me Choose Guru Guide

You're just a few steps away from better and easier BBQ! Our high precision temperature controls work with most cookers on the market but may require one of our special kits to be compatible. This "Guru Guide" will help you find the Guru controls and kits that are compatible with your specific grill, smoker, or cooker. There are 4 ways to find the right match. 1) Search for your cooker in the search bar above. 2) Use the drop-down to find your smoker. 3) Click the thumbnail below for the manufacturer of your cooker. You will then see a list of models from that manufacturer that are compatible. 4) If you still can't find your cooker, it doesn't mean it won't work. Many new models come out all the time. Let us know which make and model you have, and we'll let you know which models/kits work best with yours.

2) Look for your cooker drop-down list below:

3) Click on the manufacturer of your cooker:

4) If you still can’t find your cooker, click here.