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BBQ Guru Essentials Accessories Kit

BBQ Guru Essentials Accessories Kit

Stock Code: B801-0000-001

Price: $49.99


Are you new to the world of BBQ? This must have package includes everything you need to become a master of your cooker. Our BBQ Starter Kit is sure to become a staple for your BBQ routine, containing essential and high-quality BBQ tools-of-the-trade. This all-in-one convenient package will bring your BBQ to the next level. All you need is a cooker, a Guru Temperature control unit, this kit, and you’re ready to go! 

  • Maverick DT-12C Compact Thermometer: Instantly checks meat or poultry for an accurate read to avoid overcooked or undercooked food. ($24.99)
  • Food Handling Gloves: PVC gloves are great for protecting your hands and forearms from the heat of your cooker. ($17.00)
  • Grill Pro Marinade Injector: Use an injector to add flavor deep into your food and keep it moist. ($13.99)
  • Grill Pro Extra Long Tongs: Giant tongs grip your food with ease and gives you extra control. ($11.99)
  • BBQ Guru Smoke Wood Pecan Chunks: Enhance the flavor of your next cook with the all new BBQ Guru Smoke Wood Pecan Chunks from The BBQ Guru. Works excellent with the BBQ Guru Monolith Cookers and all other types of smoker
  • BBQ Bob’s Hav’N a BBQ Rub (6oz) and sauce (19oz): A competition-winning duo for chicken, ribs and even side dishes! ($14.98)

Individually retail priced at $86.94. Save a ton with this great kit and start making great BBQ!