Food Handling Gloves PVC

Food Handling Gloves PVC

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PVC Hot Food Gloves (Black Knight model made by the Best Glove Company)

Black PVC Hot Food Gloves 14” Rough PVC Coated Double Dipped Gloves.

  • Full PVC coating with a comfortable jersey lining.
  • Double dipped for extra protection and heat resistance. Abrasion-resistant.
  • Rough finish so you can handle your fine BBQ with confidence.
  • 14” gauntlet to help protect your hands and forearms from the heat of your smoker, grill or rotisserie.
  • Protect your arms up to the elbow.
  • One size fits most everyone.
  • Wash clean with dish detergent.
  • Made to withstand years of heavy use.
  • Great gift for anyone that loves to BBQ or do a Pig Roast.
  • Take a Pork Butt off the smoker and make pulled pork with ease.
  • Perfect for handling Beer Can Chicken and Deep Fried Turkey.
  • Great for holding meats while slicing, no more slipping and sliding.
  • Great for all types of BBQ and rotisserie cooking.